What is a Red Seal Plumber?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Most everyone has heard of Red Seal chefs—it’s a designation often touted by restaurants to indicate the skills and qualifications of the chefs who prepare a restaurant’s (or institution’s)

food. But, the Red Seal program goes far beyond just cooking. Red Seal certification also includes trades people across Canada and there are many reasons why someone in the plumbing trade would want to be Red Seal certified plumber..

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The Red Seal Trade Certification, which was created in 1952, applies to 55 different trades in Canada, including plumbers.

The trades’ Red Seal program was once known as the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal program, which perhaps better described the fact that the program ensures those certified meet the national trade standards and are qualified to work in any province (or territory). As a partnership between provinces (and territories) and the federal government, the Red Seal endorsement earned by tradespeople after completing the Red Seal exam is applied to their provincial (or territory) trade certificate.

Plumbers are constantly in high demand. Not only are they necessary for the water and drainage systems on new residential and commercial projects, they are also needed for renovation work and repairs (the urgency in the repair aspect of the job makes for excellent job security, but comes with the downside of calls at strange times when someone’s toilet water supply pipe bursts). With demand for plumbers on the rise due to increasing plumber retirement, having Red Seal certification will prove your dedication to the occupation as well as your skills and education.



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